NJ/DVHIMSS Annual Fall Event - The Politics of Healthcare

October 28, 8:00am - October 30, 2:00pm, EDT


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Dear Members:
With a pre-election year upon us and Healthcare IT legislation continuing to be a key topic of discussion among the political forums, we are thrilled to host the 8th Annual Regional DV-NJ Chapters HIMSS Conference, “The Politics of Healthcare”; our premier educational and networking event.  

Located in a sophisticated marina setting with beautiful views of Atlantic City, we have moved this year’s event to Harrah’s Resort Conference Center, for a brand new experience, based on your feedback. 
In addition to the exceptional educational sessions that will be offered, here are a few Key highlights:
  • We have confirmed three Nationally recognized Keynote speakers on Thursday, October 29th


Michael Smerconish - Host of The Michael Smerconish Program on SiriusXM Radio and CNN’s Smerconish, newspaper columnist and best-selling author. 
Jason McNamara - Director of Healthcare Technology Services for Myers & Stauffer LC, formerly Senior Technical Director for Medicaid IT at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), where he co-led every major Medicaid IT Initiative
Bill Fox, JD, MA - Vice President of Healthcare and Life Sciences at Marklogic. He is a former former attorney and healthcare executive with 25 years of experience, and is a nationally recognized thought leader in healthcare predictive analytics, big data, program integrity and data security, and privacy. 


Track Agenda: NJ_DVHIMSS_Fall_Conference_Track_Session_Agenda_10_07_15.pdf


Keynote 1: NJDVHIMSS_McNamara_Oct2015.pdf
Keynote 2: NJDVHIMSS_BFox_Oct2015.pdf

Track 1: Clinical Informatics

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T1-PorterLee-Harris.pptx
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T1-Jones-Lewis-More.pptx
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T1-Branco-Kuchler.pptx
Session 4: 4NJ-DVHIMSS-T1-Culver-Widen.pptx

Track 2: Adv Tech and BI

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T2-Klein-Henry-Bohn.PPTX
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T2-Hennessy.pptx
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T2-Barnello-Kurliand.pptx
Session 4a: 4ANJ-DVHIMSS-T2-Clarke-Wilt.pptx
Session 4b: 4BNJ-DVHIMSS-T2-Cheng-Lakhanpal.pptx

Track 3: Financial Revenue Cycle

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T3-Wroten-Gard.pptx
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T3-Wieczorek-Newkirk.pptx
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T3-DAngelo-Fahey.pptx
Session 4: 4NJ-DVHIMSS-T3-Vinod-Hueter.pptx

Track 4: Spec Care Tech

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T4-Ganguly.Lakhanpal.pptx
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T4-Ganti-Granada-Aguilar.pptx
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T4-Marut-Rab-Squires.pptx
Session 4: 4NJ-DVHIMSS-T4-Temple-Kapoor.pptx

Track 5: Healthcare Trans

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T5-Hochron-Herman.pdf
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T5-Wells.pptx
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T5-Vaidya.pdf
Session 4: 4NJ-DVHIMSS-T5-Thirumalainambi.pptx

Track 6: Privacy and Security

Session 1: 1NJ-DVHIMSS-T6-Patel.pdf
Session 2: 2NJ-DVHIMSS-T6-Gillespie-Fox.pdf
Session 3: 3NJ-DVHIMSS-T6-Sawyer-Adams.pdf
Session 4: 4NJ-DVHIMSS-T6-Oscislawski.pdf